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April Hawkins


502-475-4991 (cell)

April’s philosophy on real estate can best be summed up by the golden rule; treating her clients how she wants to be treated. She is passionate about educating buyers, sellers, and investors in every step of the real estate process. She tailors her services to each unique client’s short and long-term goals.

Born and raised in Louisville, she met her husband, David, around the age of two and they grew to become high school sweethearts. In 2001 they were married and the Army moved them to Fort Campbell, KY where he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. April graduated from Bellarmine in 2004 with her bachelor’s degree in nursing and began working as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital. After she had a few years of experience, she was offered a position at the hospital on base and has often said, “Serving our military families was the greatest honor during my nursing career”. After 6 years of active duty, multiple deployments, and welcoming her first child, Shelby, they moved back home to Louisville in 2007.

April worked at Suburban Hospital on the postpartum unit. In 2009 she welcomed her second child, Abby. During her time at Suburban, a director from Galen College of Nursing took notice of April’s gift of teaching as she observed her interaction with students. She offered her a job teaching clinicals. April began teaching part-time and by the end of 2010, she had been offered a full-time faculty position with the college. She accepted and in 2012, she welcomed her third child, Levi. As responsibilities at home grew, she made the decision to stop working and care for the most important people that God had blessed her with. In 2013, her family felt the calling to become foster parents and opened their home to several children through the years. In 2018, they adopted their fourth child, Zechariah.

April’s passion for real estate began with her first home purchase, “Because my husband was a veteran, we qualified for a VA loan that allowed us to purchase our first home with no money down. This was a huge blessing because at the time, I was in college and he was a low-ranking soldier. We ate a lot of hamburger helper WITHOUT the hamburger in those days! We purchased our first home and made some minor upgrades. Two years later when it was time to move back to Louisville, we sold it and made a profit of almost $30,000. That was when I first realized the value and benefit of owning real estate. Not only had we put money in our own pocket instead of the landlord’s, but we had a great down payment for the next home or investment property.”  

With money in hand, they moved back to Louisville and rented for 2 years before finding their next home. Shortly after that purchase, the couple began looking for their first investment property. In 2011 they found their first foreclosure and have been blessed by investment property ever since. The rental income is what allowed April to stay at home. Through the years the couple has bought and sold several other properties. April often shares with people, “I have continually seen how real estate has blessed our lives and it is what drives me to want to help my clients as well. It can be the difference between a parent being able to stay home with their kids, paying for college, or being able to retire. Though nothing is guaranteed in this world, I believe whole-heartedly that there are few investments that provide a return as solid as real estate.” Give April a call or send her an email to find out how she can be a blessing to you through real estate.


I Am:

A giver.

Born In:

Louisville, KY

Proudest Accomplishments:

Being a military wife and nurse, witnessing my children lay their own wants aside and give to those around them.  


Biggest Challenge:

Living up to my own standards.


Alarm Clock:

It’s always a race between the  sunlight or our 6 year old.


Perfect Day:

Waking up to a sunny day on the beach with my amazing family and friends. 


First Job:

Stamping envelopes and putting flowers away at my grandmother’s florist.


Superhero Power:

I can hear a lid coming off a sharpie by a 4 year old from a mile away.


Favorite Louisville Attraction:

The Parklands!  



Christ. I want to love and serve as he did, no exclusions.



Rehab projects, organizing, and painting.


Favorite Nonprofits:

Orphan Care Alliance, Compassion International, Hope for the Future, Scarlet Hope and Re:Center Ministries.


Pet Peeve:

Hearing people chew. Just. Slow. Down.


Favorite Verse:

Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

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