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"Finding" Your Home

The Internet has changed how buyers find homes. Not too many years ago, the only way to even know all of the homes that were for sale was through a real estate agent.


Nowadays, almost every single home on the market can be found on the Internet.


(In fact, it’s almost impossible to miss a home that’s on the market.)


It’s become easier to “find” the home of your dreams.


And the chances are, you’re going to be addicted to looking for homes online at all hours...even at work. (Just make sure to minimize your screen when the boss walks by! LOL)


Now, this is some deep stuff most agents don’t even realize or think to address with their clients…


See, back in the day, agents had to “find” the perfect home for their client...and that expectation kind of still exists. Yet, buyers often “find” the home they want before their agent specifically brings it up to them.


So, some buyers get aggravated that their agent “must not be doing a good job” if they aren’t sending the client the listing before they find it themselves.


This may be true with some agents, but mostly it’s a matter of agents just being busy, out on the road, in a meeting, or whatever. The client just happens to be looking constantly for their own home while an agent has many other people and homes to deal with on any given day.


Regardless, “finding” the home is not a single moment. It’s a process. It’s about seeing many homes (online and in person) and gradually understanding the market so you make the best decision.


And beyond that, “finding” the home isn’t even the most important part of the agent’s job. The real skills come in once you’ve found a home, make an offer, and start going through the process to close on it.


We always bring this up because it’s a silly perception that we’ve seen cause issues between agents and their buyers, and it can cause friction that gets in the way of the agents doing the more important things as well as they could moving forward.

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