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When You "Lose" A Home

We hope you never go through this (and we’ll do everything we can to help you avoid this!), but you might “lose” a home that you love at some point.


Here are the most common ways this happens:

• A buyer waits to make an offer on a home, and another buyer scoops it up. (This one is totally avoidable.)

• There are multiple offers on a home, and the owner chooses another offer.

• The owner won’t accept the highest amount a buyer is willing to offer.


When these things happen, it stings.


This can set some buyers back emotionally. Sometimes they feel like they’ll never find as good of a home. Sometimes they just don’t want to feel that way again, so they become guarded or give up.


In our experience, the best way to deal with this is ahead of time…


We always advise our clients to not get too attached to any particular home until we are firmly under contract. Sure, be hopeful and excited, but always be aware that until the offer is accepted, and the home is firmly under contract, you could “lose” the home.


But don’t look at it as “losing”...look at it as an opportunity to get a better home, and learn from whatever didn’t work the last time around:

• If you hesitated on making an offer last time, don’t wait next time.

• If you came in too low the first time, don’t “lowball” the next time.


Ideally, we won’t have to deal with this. We’ll give you my best advice in every situation so you can avoid this ever happening.

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