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Selling Saratoga

Off-Market Advantages

There are several advantages in this particular market of selling your home off-market:

  • Significant savings on real estate fees 

  • Avoiding the stress of accommodating continuous showings

  • Risk of Covid exposure is greatly diminished

  • Buyer may be more flexible with the terms

  • Offers the greatest potential for putting the most amount of money in your pocket with the least amount of hassle

What does selling your home off-market look like? Well it begins with getting in touch with us. You can fill out the form below or reach out to us by call/text at 502-509-1099. 

We will answer any questions you have via phone & schedule a time for a tour of your home. We can also discuss helping you in your search for your next home. After our meeting, we will perform a highest price analysis for your property and discuss the results along with the options you have to get your property sold. 

We look forward to speaking with you, thanks for stopping by!

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