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Hype Hype Hooray!

Have you ever seen those late night infomercials about how someone made a killing investing in real estate? You probably have...since there’s so many of them.


Year after year, there seems to be another person hyping up how they did it and how they taught so many other people how to do it, too. (And they always have the testimonials to “prove” it…)


Take those infomercials, and those people, with a grain of salt. They’re trying to sell you on something, whether it’s a “system,” a seminar at a local hotel, or some sort of coaching program.


Unfortunately, the tactics and approaches they teach are not always easy to apply, if at all. They may be great-sounding ideas and theories, but in reality they’re often just that...ideas and theories.


What they’re all very good at is selling you the hype. The excitement. The hope.


Sure, you should be excited and hopeful. But hype and hope can be a dangerous combination. Too many people get sold on investing in real estate by first being sold on a program of some sort, only to find that it was a huge waste of time and money — or worse, make rash investment decisions that cost them big time.


So save any money or time you would spend on someone trying to sell you on a program, seminar, or coaching, and apply it to your first real estate investment.


(Maybe even change the channel when one of those commercials comes on...there’s nothing good coming from most of that stuff floating around in your head.)

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