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Only Work With One Agent

If a real estate agent you speak to said: “You should only work with and be loyal to one agent,” you’d probably think it sounded pretty self-serving. Of course they’d say that, right?!


Well, hopefully this comes across more objectively, since I may or may not be working with you…


It’s true. You should find and work with one real estate agent.


I don’t mean just be loyal to one for no good reason. You want to work with an agent who is an expert in helping people buy real estate investment property. But when you come across an agent who knows his or her stuff, commit to that agent and stick with him or her.


A lot of people think it makes sense to have many agents looking for deals to bring to them. But the value of a real estate agent goes way beyond the “finding” of deals. Sure, that’s part of what the agent needs to be able to do, but the agent also needs to be:


  • Entirely on your side and working on your behalf.

  • A good negotiator.

  • Good at analyzing market values (for the purchase and potential resale).

  • Able to help you learn and understand the ins and outs of real estate investing.


Among other things, of being responsive, honest, and professional.


Think about it. If you have a bunch of agents looking for deals to bring you, you now have a bunch of agents hungry to convince you to buy something that they bring you. It’s all about the finding of the property and the sale...not so much about the careful counseling and representation of your needs. Focus on those things first and foremost. Deals will be found. Most likely, every agent you could have looking for you is “finding” the exact same deals as every other agent anyway.


So pick the best real estate agent you can, and stick with him or her. Your commitment to them will pay off in ways that are almost impossible to quantify.

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