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When You "Win" A Home

OK, this isn’t a game show or the lottery…


You won’t really win a home. But you’ll eventually “win” in the sense of getting an offer accepted.


And when that happens, many people go through what’s called “buyer’s remorse”. That happens on almost any purchase someone makes, but even more so when it’s a high-ticket item, like a home.


And if a buyer isn’t prepared for this feeling, they’ll often sabotage even the greatest deal. It’s awful to watch happen. They’ll make everyone involved miserable and make unreasonable demands, all in an attempt to back out. Sometimes they’ll back out without reason and end up losing earnest money, as well as the best home they could’ve hoped for.


This happens because very few agents think to educate their buyers about this ahead of time. And then, once they’re in that moment, anything the agent says comes across as if the agent is trying to push them to move forward. So they get even more defensive, even when the agent is just trying to give them good advice.


We’ve always felt it’s best to just give our clients the heads up that they may feel this way before they ever get to that point. That way, if and when you ever feel that way, you’ll remember that the feeling is natural.


But please, if you ever do start feeling “buyer’s remorse”, just let us know, and we’ll gladly help you work through what you’re feeling and thinking!

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