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Get Homeowners Insurance

Many people wait until the last minute to get their homeowners (and other) insurances lined up.
We recommend taking care of this at least a few weeks ahead of the closing date.


That way you can make sure you get the best coverage, at the best rates, for your needs.


If you wait until the last minute, you might miss some discounts that you may be eligible for, simply because you’re in a rush. And you might also pay a higher premium because you weren’t able to shop around a bit.


It’s pretty common for your insurance company to require you to pay for one year up front. But this will likely be paid at closing, in your closing costs. Usually, your insurance will be paid for out of escrowed funds from your mortgage after the first year.


NOTE: This is all the more reason to pay close attention to the coverage you purchase now. You might not think much about it as the years pass, although you should probably make a note to revisit it on a yearly basis to ensure you have the best coverage.


If you already have an insurance company you work with, great. If not, here are a few insurance providers we trust and recommend:

  • Insurance company pending


Once you have your insurance lined up, please forward a copy of the insurance “binder” to [us / the title company / your attorney].

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