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What Are You Looking For?

OK, now that you’re pre-approved, we know what you can afford.


That doesn’t mean you need to buy a home for as much as you’re approved for. In fact, it’d be great if we can find you a great home for less than you can afford, right? Well, as long as it fits your wants and needs, of course…


What do you need in the home you buy?


If you haven’t already gone over this with us, give us a list of your “must haves” and your “wish list”.


Now we can look at all of the homes that meet your criteria and are within your approved budget.


Pro tip: We may suggest looking at homes that don’t have everything on your lists. Be open to looking at homes that don’t meet the criteria you put on your list. You’d be surprised at how many of my clients found their dream home by only looking at homes we suggested—homes that didn’t have everything they thought they wanted.

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