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Have I Got A Deal For You?!

Before we get into things, I want you to read the title of this section two different ways…


  1. Have I got a deal for you?!

  2. Have I got a deal for you?!


Depending upon which way you read that sentence, it conjures up two totally different ways of taking it.


The first one is a cliche’ you’ve probably heard somewhere, and it probably stirs up the feeling of a slick salesman trying to sell you on something.


The second, even though they’re the same words, makes it sound like it’s a question of whether or not the person asking even has a deal for you.


So why do I bring this up?


A lot of people feel like they need to “get in” with a real estate agent who supposedly has the inside scoop on great real estate deals. So they’ll often ask any agent they come across something along the lines of: “Hey, got any hot deals?” or “Let me know if you come across any hot deals.”


And if you ask enough agents, at least a few will say they do or will let you know if they see one. Most likely you’ll come across one who totally convinces you that they have some secret stash of inventory that only you (and every other person they come across) is privy to...if you work with them. And if they do find you a good investment, they insinuate that you need to use them to sell it, once you’re ready to sell, in order to remain “in” on any future deals.


Here’s the thing. Most agents (even the ones who claim to) do not truly have any secret stash of listings or properties they know about that are great deals that are only available to people who are working with them.


While it may sound appealing and may feel like a reason why you should sidle up to that agent, you may want to do just the opposite because it’s most likely a stretch of the truth — if not an outright lie — and that’s probably not the best type of agent to work with.


With that said, it’s possible that an agent or two might have access to properties other agents don’t, but it’s pretty rare. Just make sure you assess whether the agent is shooting straight with you or if it’s just a line. It’s an easy line for agents to throw out there, but it might just be a baited line with a hook on the end.

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