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The Walk-Through

Before you head to the closing table, we’re going to do what’s called a “walk-through”. This is usually done the morning of the closing or the evening before.


We’re going to make sure that the home is in the same condition it was when you agreed to purchase it (minus minor wear and tear, of course).


We’ll be looking to make sure that:

  • There was no major damage done since you first agreed to purchase it.

  • The owner has entirely moved out and hasn’t left anything behind that you don’t want. (Like bags and bags of trash!)

  • The home is in “broom clean” condition.

  • That everything the owner contractually agreed to leave behind is still there.

  • That all of the major appliances are in working order.


TIP: Sellers are often in a rush to get out of the home right up to the closing day. Sometimes they don’t leave the home quite as spotless as a buyer may have hoped. Unless it’s in atrocious condition, it is probably better to just expect the home to not be as clean as you hoped...and if it is, look at it as a happy surprise.


If there’s anything wrong with the home, or they’ve left junk behind, or the home is disgustingly dirty, we can bring it up to the owner (through their representatives) before the closing. They can remedy it by taking care of whatever issue you might have, although that could delay closing. Or they may offer a credit of some sort. (However, do not look at the walk-through as a way of negotiating a few bucks off the sales price.)


With all that said...don’t worry! Most homeowners are conscientious, and the walk-through is a quick visit. In most cases, everything will look and work just fine.

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