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Get Your Mortgage Started Now

Early on in the process, we discussed getting pre-approved for your mortgage.


While you’ve already been you need to actually be approved.


This can take some time. You should really get all your financial information and required paperwork done with your mortgage company as soon as you’re under contract.


It may seem like there’s plenty of time between now and closing day, but those days and weeks fly by.


Also, it’s not uncommon for lenders to request more documentation from you once they see what you initially send in. This can cause delays and a lot of stress. As a general rule, the better you are about sending over everything in a timely manner, the better off you’ll be.


So, if you haven’t already chosen a lender, do so immediately. Get the ball rolling. Now is not the time to shop lenders, programs, and rates. But if you’re going to, you need to get that done now, and then submit your loan application and documentation within the first few days of being under contract.

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