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We're sure you’ve heard that negotiating is an art. And it’s true.


The approach we take to negotiate the best deal for your home will depend upon:

  • The seller we’re dealing with.

  • The agent we’re dealing with.

  • The overall situation (how many other offers there are, the current pace of sales, etc.).

  • Your personal situation. (Are you in a position to “lose” the home and keep looking? Can you take time negotiating the deal? Or, is timing critical?)


There are certainly other factors we’ll consider as well.


Many buyers think that to get the best price on a home you need to play “hardball” and perhaps “lowball” the seller with the amount they offer.


Those approaches can backfire fast and hard. Sure, sometimes it makes sense to play hardball. But in a residential home sale, playing hardball can hurt you more than it can help your cause.


That isn’t to say we’re not going to negotiate the best deal possible. It just might not look or sound like some people imagine from what they see in movies and on TV. In real life, you need to write the right script, at the right time, for the right audience.

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