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Is Real Estate Investing for Me?

Plenty of people say they want to invest in real estate, but not that many actually do beyond buying and selling their personal residences.


That’s probably because, from the outside looking in, investing in real estate can seem super easy to some people and entirely out of reach and risky to others.


So, the people who think it’s going to be super easy never actually invest once they realize how much there is to it and how risky it can be. And those who think it’s out of their reach, or too risky, never even try to invest.


It’s more accurate to say that it’s somewhere in between those two ends of the spectrum. Investing in real estate is not super easy, but it isn’t even close to impossible or too risky...if you know what you’re doing and getting yourself into.


As with most things, the deeper you get into a subject, the more you realize how much there is to know and learn. You get better at anything over time and with experience, but you have to start somewhere.


That’s why I created this booklet — to give you an upper hand in getting that first investment under your belt as easily (and with the least risk) as possible.


This isn’t a step-by-step instruction booklet on every little detail involved in buying an investment property. For your first investment, you really should work with a real estate agent who has expertise in helping people find and buy investment property. So he or she (or me!) will handle all of the “step-by-step” of your first purchase.


What The Ultimate Guide for First Time Investors does is give you a chance to know, understand, and think through some common things that often get overlooked by many hopeful investors (and even many real estate agents).


I truly hope this booklet helps you along the way to your first investment property. If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

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