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Finding a FSBO

OK, not every home is “on the market”. Some are what we call “FSBOs”. (Pronounced “fizzbo”.)


These are homes that are For Sale By Owner.


And lots of buyers think that these are going to be the steal of a century, since they aren’t on the open market. (Although nowadays, many are on the MLS as well, by hiring limited service agents to input it, but the owners represent themselves.)


Anyhow, these are rarely a deal. The owners may very well be trying to “cut out the middleman”, but they’re rarely willing to pass those savings along to the buyer. (In fact, most FSBOs are way overpriced, even above what they should be on the open market.)


Does that mean we should not look at FSBOs? Not at all. We can certainly look at FSBOs.


So, if you or we come across one that meets your wants, needs, and budget, we’ll certainly approach the owner.


Here’s the thing…


Let us call them first. We’ve been trained on how to deal with them. We know what to say and what not to say. And how to say it. This will increase our chances of actually getting a deal on a FSBO.


So, if you see a FSBO sign, just take down the contact info and address, and let us do the rest.

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