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One Thing You Shouldn't Do

Just like with FSBOs, you also shouldn’t call listing agents directly.


Buyers often feel like there’s no harm in just giving the listing agent a quick call to ask a few questions. Or, they see a homeowner standing outside and strike up a conversation.


This probably sounds harmless enough. However, we’ve seen too many buyers say too much—or say the wrong thing—and it ended up costing them a home or led to them paying more than they might have otherwise.


Everything you say, and everything a listing agent or seller knows about you, can come back to haunt you.


Look at it like this…


If you were about to go to court, would you think it makes sense to have a casual chat with the other side? Probably not.


Same thing applies here.


Let us do the talking with the other side. Not just once we’re in a deal, but also until we find a home and are under contract. We know what to say, and what not to say, to make sure we protect your best interests.

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